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What is didbook?

Didbook is an online resource where pupils can record and showcase the best of what they’ve achieved in and outside of school. It helps to bring together all of the disparate elements of students’ education so they understand more clearly our aspirations and expectations of them – so that they can engage more readily with all aspects of school life. It is a more structured and consistent attempt at improving all of our pupils, both academically and holistically.

The applications in didbook (My Targets, My Subjects, My Health and Wellbeing, My Money, My Future, Enrichment Diary and My Skills) reflect the full experience that students in Whitburn Academy are offered and the key areas where we want to help them improve. There is also the My Showcase icon. Within each of the other applications, after a student has written a new entry, next to the ‘save’ button’ there is a check box ‘showase’, which, if selected, allows the pupil to store that particular entry as something more special.  If the pupil deems that entry to be really important, they can click this and it automatically saves it for their ‘showcase’: their best achievements and successes that will ultimately be pulled together and form their S3 Profile.


When pupils can update their didbook

As didbook is new and we’re all still learning how to use it, it makes more sense for staff to set periods aside where they can give pupils examples of the sorts of things they can include and how they could word this. However, when AAL is up and running and pupils can use their mobile devices more readily, pupils should be able to update this whenever they want. didbook can be accessed from school or home in exactly the same way. We would strongly encourage pupils to be updating their didbook at home, and where possible, discussing their input with you. Hopefully, putting entries in their didbook will become second nature over time.

Pupils don’t need to write large amounts of text in their didbook. They should concentrate on the quality of their entries. However, it is important that what they do write helps to show off their achievements and experiences.

The school has created a Parent Guidebook for using Didbook.  Click on the links at the bottom of the page to download a copy.


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