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A number of departments across the school are starting to use Edmodo.   Edmodo has a number of advantages that makes it a useful tool in the educational environment.

 Features include:

 The ability to set assignments for pupils and keep a record of their work.

  • The ability to give feedback to pupils on the work they have submitted.
  • The ability to share resources with pupils and answer any questions they may have.
  • The ability to provide them with links to interesting web sites.
  • The ability to give multiple choice tests and pupils get their score back immediately, showing them what they got right and wrong.
  • Pupils can also keep track of their progress and and can ask their teacher any questions related to the course.
  • They can also message other pupils in the class.
  • They can get access to notes and submit homework online and they have an area where they can store files rather than have to carry a usb stick.
  • If they lose any notes or homework etc they can always get another copy from Edmodo.
  • Parents can get a parent code from their child and be able to login and view the progress their child is making in class.
  • They can view samples of their child’s work and see test and homework marks.

Click on the links below to watch a video of Edmodo in action

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