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School of Rugby

School of Rugby

Whitburn Academy in partnership with Scottish Rugby Union believes that sport and rugby in particular can contribute greatly to Scotland’s schools. Through the School of Rugby programme, the school aims to give selected S1 pupils the opportunity to train in a sporting environment on a daily basis. In year S1 these selected pupils will receive a minimum of 5 rugby sessions per week,3 during the school day and 2 extra curricula . For these pupils the programme will continue into S2 and S3 year groups. In S2 they will receive 2 sessions during the school day and 2 extra curricula changing in year S3 to 1 session during the school day and 2 extra curricular.

The pupils participating in the School of Rugby programme are given the opportunity to attend match day events at Edinburgh Rugby, meeting  with the players and touring the facility. Pupils are also given match day tickets for selected games.

This programme is designed not only to improve participant’s rugby skills, but to also develop their social skills such as confidence, communication, discipline and respect. The School of Rugby programme aims to create an environment where sport will make a significant contribution to the development of these selected young people, supporting the delivery of A Curriculum for Excellence and playing a significant role in the life of the school.

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