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Physical Education

Physical Education

The school offers the following SQA levels in Physical Education.

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S1 - S3

S1 and S2 Physical Education is devoted to building life skills through physical activity. The skills include- resilience, cooperation, communication, responsibility and organisation. The physical activities will include swimming, badminton, basketball and gymnastics.

There is an expectation that pupils will improve their performance through joining clubs involved in competition.

The Third Year bridges the goals of both the previous learning and the future learning of the National courses. There is still the idea of performance development through competition and the improvement of life skills but this aligned with more consideration of strategy.


Homework Schedule for Broad General Education

Students will complete 1 piece of homework per Unit, based on the activity or skills they have been learning. This applies to every student across Broad General Education. 

The tasks will help:

  • develop knowledge required for the activity
  • reinforce understanding drawn from the activity
  • promote physical, cognitive and personal skills/qualities that have been used in the activity.

The due date for each piece of homework is as below.

Homework 1: Friday 14th October

Homework 2: Wednesday 21st December

Homework 3: Thursday 9th February

Homework 4: Friday 31st March

Homework 5: Friday 26th May

Homework 6: Friday 23rd June

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National 4 and 5

The National 4 Physical Education Course allows learners to develop and demonstrate movement and performance skills in physical activities. Learners also develop an increased understanding of the important link between fitness and good health. In National 5 these elements are studied in greater depth.

Course Outline

  • Performance Skills (National 5)
  • Factors Impacting on Performance (National 5)
  • Added Value Unit Physical Education: Performance (National 4)
  • External SQA Exam (National 5)

Physical Education: Performance Skills

The general aim of this Unit is to develop learners’ ability to perform in physical activities by enabling them to acquire a comprehensive range of movement and performance skills. They will learn how to select, use, demonstrate and adapt these skills. Learners will develop consistency in their control and fluency during movement to enable them to meet the physical demands of performance in a safe and effective way. The Unit offers opportunities for personalisation and choice in the selection of physical activities.

Physical Education: Factors Impacting on Performance 

The general aim of this Unit is to develop learners’ knowledge and understanding of the factors that impact on performance in physical activities. Learners will consider the effects of mental, emotional, social and physical factors on performance, and will develop an understanding of how to plan for, monitor, record and evaluate the process of personal performance.

The main aims of the Course are to enable the learner to:

♦ develop the ability to safely perform a comprehensive range of movement and performance skills

♦ understand factors that impact on personal performance in physical activities

♦ build capacity to perform effectively

♦ develop approaches to enhance personal performance

♦ monitor, record and evaluate performance development

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The Higher Physical Education Course allows learners to develop and demonstrate a broad and comprehensive range of complex movement and performance skills in challenging contexts. Learners also analyse a performance, understand what is required to develop it, and apply this knowledge to their own performance.

The main aims of the Course are to enable the learner to:

  • develop a broad and comprehensive range of complex movement and performance skills, and demonstrate them safely and effectively across a range of challenging contexts
  • select and apply skills and make informed decisions to effectively perform in physical activities
  • analyse factors that impact on performance
  • understand how skills, techniques and strategies combine to produce an effective performance
  •  analyse and evaluate performance to enhance personal effectiveness

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Advanced Higher

The Advanced Higher course is based around three elements for study.


Performance at Advanced Higher is focused on the development of the refined technique that candidates require to perform effectively in the increasingly more complex and demanding performance situations they now experience.

This requires a broad consideration of current performance qualities, strengths, weaknesses and needs and the setting of performance development goals.

In Perspectives on Performance Development, content is sub-divided into four perspectives areas:

1. Performance Appreciation

2. Preparation of the Body

3. Skills and Techniques

4. Structures, Strategies and Composition

Analysis and Development of Performance

The main objective of the Analysis and Development of Performance Unit is to give candidates the theoretical background and practical skills necessary to carry out meaningful analysis and development of a selected feature of their performance. Initially this requires a detailed knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the overall nature and demands of quality performance in their chosen activity. With this knowledge and the use of valid and reliable methods, they will be able to analyse in detail their own performance strengths and needs, and clarify the precise nature and scope of performance issues under consideration.

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Sports Leadership

Sports Leadership is a practical qualification which gives learners the chance to develop key life skills through the medium of physical activity.  It gives learners the chance to develop their organisation, motivation and communication skills, whilst increasing their responsibility and self-awareness.  Through the practical nature of the course it enables the learners to develop their self confidence and increase their self-esteem that will aid the transition from school into employment, further education or training.  Learners deliver activity sessions with their peers in preparation for attending a local primary school where they lead the children through different activity sessions.  The primary placement  runs on a weekly basis throughout the year and all learners must self travel to the placement primary school.  The course requires learners to step out of their comfort zone and meet challenges head on and with a positive attitude.  There is written work to complete alongside the practical work that must be completed in order to gain the nationally recognised qualification.  Being a Sport Leader is about being a role model for resilience and healthy living.

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