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Languages Faculty

Languages Faculty

The Languages Faculty allows pupils to look further into the English language and develop a number of skills that will help them in later life as well as finding out more about the works of authors and poets both past and present. Media Studies looks into different areas of the Media such as the written press and television broadcasting.   Also in Modern Languages, pupils get to learn a new language which opens up new opportunities either for a future career or even just being able to ask questions or understand what is being said whilst on holiday!

The Languages Faculty in Whitburn Academy offers the following subjects:

Languages Faculty staff:

Mrs Gilchrist – Head of Languages Faculty and Teacher of English

Mrs Higgins – Teacher of English

Mrs MacDonald – Teacher of English

Miss Nicol – Teacher of English

Miss Sword – Teacher of English and Media Studies

Mr Williams – Teacher of English

Mrs Jarvis – Teacher of English

Mr McIntosh - Teacher of English

Miss Reid - Teacher of English

Mr Durkin - Teacher of English and Head of Bruce House

Mrs Barr – Teacher of French

Mrs Clunie – Teacher of French

Mr Duffy – Teacher of French and Spanish

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