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S1 and S2 Masterclass

S1 and S2 Masterclass

Masterclasses were added to the Whitburn Academy curriculum in 2009. Now all S1 and S2 pupils are timetabled for one period of masterclass a week. Classes rotate every 6 to 8 weeks and so every pupil will experience a wide range of skills over the year.

Masterclasses are based on skills development. Whitburn Academy views the development of skills in our pupils as an essential part of the curriculum. The assessment and recording of skills in S1 and S2 will be used by staff and pupils to help complete a profile at the end of S3.

Examples of S1 and S2 Masterclasses are:

  • Research skills
  • Literacy in Science
  • Debating
  • Creative Writing
  • Radio Station
  • Drama and film making

Click on the links below to view some videos by our S1 Animation Masterclass

Animal Safety

Bin Strikes Back

Gandalf Saves the Day

Hungry Bin

Football Animation

Click on the links below to view some videos by our S2 Filmmaking Masterclass

The Art Department

Roll with it

Anti Bullying Video

Eye of the Tiger

Revenge of the Maths Homework

Proper Education

Revenge of the Veg

School Stalker

Wrecking Ball

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