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Numeracy Faculty

Numeracy Faculty

Everyone needs to be numerate to maximise their life chances and to make a positive contribution to society. The effect of poor numeracy on people’s lives is often much less obvious than poor literacy. But there is substantial evidence that low numeracy skills are associated with poor outcomes for many people. The need for numeracy in the workplace is greater than ever. There are fewer unskilled jobs in manufacturing, but there has been growth in the service industry, where roles often require an understanding of IT, target-setting or financial awareness. Our Faculty plays a huge part in preparing our young people for entry into a modern working environment by equipping them with the skills required to succeed in the workplace as well as equip them for entry into a fast-moving society in which Numeracy and IT play an integral part of this.

The Numeracy Faculty in Whitburn Academy consists of the following departments:


Numeracy Faculty staff:

Mr Scobie: Maths teacher and Head of Numeracy

Mr Thomson: Maths teacher

Mrs Stewart: Maths teacher

Miss Murdoch: Maths teacher

Miss McGrath: Maths teacher

Mrs Rennie: Maths teacher

Mr McMillan: Maths Teacher

Miss Totten: Maths teacher and Deputy Headteacher

Mr Currie: Computing Science teacher

Mrs Woods: Computing Science teacher

Mrs Williamson: Computing Science teacher

Ms Jorgenson: Computing Science teacher

Miss Richmond: Business Education Teacher and Head of Wallace House

Mrs Justice: Business Education Teacher

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