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Personal Development






The Course:

This course gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself, develop skills and demonstrate your abilities. As well as giving you the opportunity to develop and demonstrate your skills it will complement your learning in other areas and will stand you in good  stead for the future world of study or work.  It should help you to build your confidence and your self-esteem. 


You will be working with minimum support from your teacher and will be developing the following skills:

  • Evaluating, setting targets and reviewing
  • Managing information, communication and delivering an output

You will be given a choice of contexts in which you can practise and demonstrate these skills.



Course Content:

  • Self Awareness
  • Self and Social
  • Self and Work
  • Practical Abilities


Entrance Requirements:




There is no exam ( external assessment )  for this course and assessment is based

on a folio of written and oral evidence which is gathered over the four units.  There

are no grades for this course and assessment is either pass or fail.    You will also

be required to pass NABS for all four units .

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