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S1 and S2 Social Studies

S1 and S2 Social Studies

Through Social Studies we help young people to develop their understanding of the world and learn about
other people and their values in different times places and circumstances.  
We develop many skills including  the skills of discussion, developing reasoned and justified points of view,
presentation skills and skills of observing and recording .

In  S1  Social Studies we teach the following in 12 week subject blocks

  • Our Community
  • Different Political Systems
  • Weather and Climate
  • Deserts
  • Sustainable
  • Developments
  • Celts and Romans


In S2 we teach the following in 6 week subject blocks

  • Global Rights
  • The Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Volcanoes
  • Terrorism
  • The Russian Revolution
  • Map Skills

As well as the above, in  Social Studies, we provide opportunities to participate in an overseas trip to the First World War Trenches. 


Pupils will receive either 3 or 4 pieces of homework per subject block.   They will also be required to carry out additional research at home when completing projects.

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