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Support for Learning

The Support For Learning Department consists of:

Miss A Totten - Depute Rector Support

Miss K Richmond - Head of Support / Head of Wallace House / Business Studies Teacher

Ms L Nisbet - Learning Support Teacher

Mrs A Kelly - Learning Support / Social Subjects Teacher

Miss V Steel - Learning Support / Social Subjects Teacher

Mrs H Cochrane - Pupil Support Worker

Mrs M Douglas - Pupil Support Worker

Mrs J Hindshaw - Pupil Support Worker

Mrs K McVerry - Pupil Support Worker

Mrs A Roberts - Pupil Support Worker

Mrs C Hannah - Pupil Support Worker

Mrs A Stoddart - Pupil Support Worker

Miss J Stenhouse - Pupil Support Worker

Miss E Lees - Pupil Support Worker

Miss R Swan - Pupil Support Worker


Many pupils, at some time in their school career, require short-term or long-term support in order to overcome learning barriers and reach their full potential. Our Learning Support Team at Whitburn Academy consists of a group of dedicated professionals, committed to meeting pupils' individual needs.

We have 2 qualified, experienced teachers who work closely with heads of house, pupil support workers and class teachers to provide a "whole school approach" to learning support. We have extensive experience in working effectively with pupils with a wide range of additional needs, including: dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), hearing and visual impairment and behavioural, emotional or social difficulties.


Identification of Pupils Requiring Support

Effective identification and assessment of the additional support needs of pupils are essential for making good provision for those needs. The school has a clear referral system whereby any member of staff may refer a pupil. When a pupil is referred, an assessment will be undertaken by the learning support staff. We also operate an open door policy so parents or pupils can come to talk to us about concerns at any time.

Most pupils are identified prior to admission through primary/secondary liaison during the summer term. This allows information to be provided to class teachers before they meet the pupils.


Intervention Strategies for Pupils with Additional Support Needs

The Support for Learning Team employs many strategies to enhance the education of pupils with additional needs. Targeted support includes:

  • Paired reading programme
  • Buddying programme
  • Nurture groups
  • Small group teaching/learning
  • One-to-one teaching/learning
  • In-class support
  • Social skills group work
  • Break- and lunchtime clubs
  • Homework club
  • Differentiated timetables
  • Alternative assessment arrangements
  • Support for coursework and private study
  • Counselling


Individualised Educational Programme

Some pupils with additional support needs will have an individualised educational programme (IEP).  An IEP is a detailed plan for a pupil's learning. It describes a young person's additional support needs and the type of support they require. The plan sets out short-term aims and goals and the methods that will be used to help to reach them. It is regularly reviewed by learning support staff, heads of house, class teachers, pupils and parents/ carers.


Partnership with Other Agencies

We value the input of our stakeholders who include pupils, parents/carers and other outside agencies:

Educational Psychology Service

Boghall Literacy Service

West Lothian Hearing Impaired Service

ADHD Outreach

Autism Outreach

Burnhouse Outreach

West Lothian College


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