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School Policies

School Policies



  • Plain white shirt (not black, or any other colour), short or long sleeved
  • All S1-S6 pupils are expected to wear the appropriate school tie (S1-4 wear a Junior tie, S5-6 wear a Senior tie). It is not acceptable to remove the tie when on the school site, other than to take part in PE lessons
  • Black v-neck sweater or tank top (either with school logo, or plain – no other logos are permitted). Pupils are also permitted to wear plain black cardigans. No other colour other than black will be permitted
  • Trousers – plain, ordinary black school trousers are expected to be worn, and no other substitute (i.e. not legwear which is, or looks like, jeans or leggings; also, no combat trousers, no canvas trousers, no tracksuit bottoms, no corduroy, no stripes, no linen trousers); trousers should be full length and not fall short of the school shoe – i.e. no skin or sock should be visible
  • Skirt – plain, ordinary black school skirt, of an appropriate length for school; if tights are worn with a skirt, they should not be “footless”, but should be full length and appropriate for school
  • Shoes - black shoes are expected to be worn (not white or any other colour; no trainers at all should be worn – footwear should contain no other colours); boots are acceptable (again, black only – no other colour will be acceptable). Footwear, if laced, should have black laces and no other colour
  • Please note: pupils arriving at school without the correct uniform will be expected to wear uniform offered by the school – shirt, sweater, tie, trousers, skirt and/or shoes. Refusal to wear school items offered may lead to isolation and further consequences
  • Jewellery - simple and plain (ie maximum one plain ring, one plain bracelet, one pair of plain earrings and one plain necklace). Pupils will be strongly discouraged from wearing any other visible piercings. Any hair accessories should be small and plain.
  • Make-up – this should be kept to an absolute minimum – i.e. no excess foundation, blusher or lip gloss/lipstick
  • PE kit of t-shirt, shorts, and/or black tracksuit bottoms, with appropriate footwear
  • Please note: we do not require a note to excuse pupils from PE. In all cases, pupils are expected to bring and to wear their PE kit, whether or not they can take an active role in class. Pupils unable to take a full part will be given lighter duties (including scoring, refereeing etc). For those without kit, refusal to wear school items offered will lead to isolation and may ultimately lead to exclusion from school for refusing to follow instructions


  • School blazer: this will only be available to purchase via the school, from the company we are using – Academy Uniforms (MPC) Limited. S5 and S6 blazers will both be black, with the new school logo embroidered on the left side of the blazer by Academy Uniforms. In addition, each young person entering S6 will receive a special pin badge during their Induction, to denote their status as an S6 pupil


  • Pupils are not be allowed to wear fashion belts or caps to school
  • Pupils should only wear hats outside, never inside the school buildings
  • All pupils are expected to bring a bag to school, large enough to carry A4-size folders, files and books
  • All pupils are expected to carry their Learning Journal to every lesson, and to come prepared to learn with a pen, pencil and ruler
  • Pupils are expected to remove their outside coats/jackets/non-uniform tops on entering class – for all lessons, including Tutor time and Assembly


  • Pupils may bring in mobile devices such as phones, laptops or tablets to school
  • Before pupils bring and utilise their mobile device in school, and either use their own 3G/4G quota and/or access Anytime Anywhere Learning (the school’s wireless system), they must read the school’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) / Anytime Anywhere Learning (AAL) Responsible Use Agreement [attached]
  • If pupils are seen with their phones/I-pods/MP3 on at inappropriate times, staff will challenge them and will remove those devices from those pupils. Devices will then be given to reception and can be collected at the end of the school day, again from reception (after the 3.30 bell and not before)
  • Pupils should not bring in any fizzy or “energy” drinks into school. These drinks may be consumed off site, but not in school


For a comprehensive list of School Policies for West Lothian Schools, please click on the following link. 

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