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Mr Adair's October Message

Mr Adair's October Message

Dear Parent/Carer

As I write the sun is still shining, it is relatively warm and autumn colours are beginning to show on the trees in the Academy grounds. The perfect backdrop to bring you good news!

We began this year on a real high having received news of our best ever exam results for the third year running – a fantastic achievement for everyone concerned: young people, the staff and you as parents/carers. Once again this new session we are striving to support every pupil to achieve their full potential and to do at least as well as in the last three years, if not even better.

To that end, this is always an energetic, slightly frenetic, but critical time of year when much groundwork needs to be done and progress needs to be made by both young people and staff alike: projects are under way, assignment deadlines have to be met, the first NABs are being planned and sat, and mentions of Prelims are already being made. By December, every one of the six year groups will have had at least one review of their progress – some will have had two – and praise and targets for improvement will have been noted and given. I have been impressed so far with efforts made – but there is still a long way to go, and still much to be done. Keep up the good work!

So much has already happened in school worth commenting on – the Autumn Newsletter and the News pages of the website will give you a sense of the drive, the willingness to take part, and the determination to succeed which the young people of Whitburn Academy are demonstrating every day they come to school. There should be a special mention too for all of the staff who work alongside our students – encouraging, supporting and driving them on in their aspirations.

Already so far this term, for example, we have had a very successful P7 Open Evening, held our Pupil Council elections, have appointed our senior pupil positions and teams, had some notable sporting successes, raised money for Syrian refugees, Macmillan and Tanzania 2016, and have talked widely about our school Values and Skills.

I hope you will enjoy reading about our successes both in the Autumn Newsletter and on the pages of this website. My appreciation goes to Mr Hawthorn for all the work he has put into the Newsletter, and also for ensuring that our school website is always kept right up to date.

If you have any questions or comments about the Newsletter, the events mentioned, or about the school generally, please go to the website at: and send us an email via the address provided.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Autumn and I look forward to speaking with you again very soon.

Kindest regards


Ian Adair

Rector, Whitburn Academy

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