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Arcade Club update

Arcade Club update

Since our last update, more progress has been made with the design and build of the Arcade Machine by the Computing and DMG departments.

Mrs Brown and the DMG department have cut the hardwood panel to hold the joystick and control buttons and a test version of the Perspex overlay. 

Meanwhile in Computing, Mr Hawthorn, our IT/AV technician has fitted the control buttons and joystick for player 1 and along with some pupils, has tested them to make sure they fit and are in the right position.

Mr Hawthorn has also found out how to make games that were created by pupils in Gamemaker, one of the Games Design programs used in Computing, compatible with the Arcade Machine controls.   He has already converted a game and we are pleased to say that the game worked!

The next stage will be to cut the wood and construct the case to contain the PC containing the games and the controls for it.   This will be done by the DMG department.   For Computing, the next stage will be to convert more games to be played on the Arcade Machine and to create a menu system using Visual Basic to allow games to be selected.

Our photograph shows a willing volunteer from Mr Currie's S1 Computing class testing the arcade machine.

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