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letter to the Prime Minister from the RRS Committee

letter to the Prime Minister from the RRS Committee

In December 2015, the Rights Respecting School Committee, produced the a letter to be sent to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, as part of OutRight week. The Rights Respecting School Committee has also being setting up monthly competitions for the pupils to promote the UN Conventions Rights of the Child around the school. A poster is chosen each month and displayed all around the school.

The Text of the letter is written below:

Dear Prime Minister,

My name is Nikita Craig and I am a pupil at Whitburn Academy. I am writing this letter to you from the safety of my school where my right to education is being upheld. This is not the same for children caught in the conflict in Syria, having their schools attacked in Yemen, crossing the borders in Europe and recovering from the earthquake in Nepal. Their rights are being denied and they are in terrible danger.

Learning about these crises and seeing images on the news makes me feel angry and helpless because there I feel there is nothing that I can do as a seventeen year old girl to help these children feel the same way I feel in school. As the UK Prime Minister I want you to make sure that the UK is doing everything it can to protect children's rights in humanitarian emergencies. We must remember that children are children, no matter where they are or where they have come from.

In the last few weeks, along with my friends at school, I've been getting involved in UNICEF UK's OutRight campaign.  OutRight is all about expressing my views and speaking out for children's rights around the world. We've been learning about humanitarian emergencies and how children can be protected through education. Learning spaces and schools can be a safe place for children caught in an emergency, and yet many schools are being bombed or taken over by soldiers.

Next May, global leaders such as yourself will gather for the first ever World Humanitarian Summit. Ahead of this meeting, I want you to make sure that UK is doing everything it can to protect children's rights in humanitarian emergencies. We would like to highlight some rights we feel as a school should be protected in humanitarian emergencies: Article 28 “You have the right to an education”. Article 29 “Schools should help children develop their skills and personality fully, teach them about their own and other people's rights, and prepare them for adult life”. As Prime Minister please make protecting children in humanitarian emergencies a priority for the UK and ask other governments to do the same.

Yours sincerely,

Nikita Craig, on behalf of the Rights Respecting Schools Committee of Whitburn Academy

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