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Money, Money, Money!!!

Money, Money, Money!!!

On Tuesday 8th March, a group of 13 S1 pupils visited the Museum on the Mound in Edinburgh to learn about money. They attended a variety of workshops, including the "Heads and Tails” activity where they were given the chance to learn how coins were made in the olden days, using coin dies and hammers. They were even able to strike a replica medieval Scottish coin and take this home.

They investigated and handled a range of artefacts that were once used as money in other cultures, including beaver pelts, shells, tea and even feathers.

Our pupils also found out how banks and savers keep their money safe. They handled and discussed a variety of keys and money boxes, looked inside locks and had a go at cracking the museum's safe. They also had the opportunity to see a million pounds in a display case.

It was an excellent day out and pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

More photographs from the Museum on the Mound can be found on our Image Gallery

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