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Arcade Machine Progress

Arcade Machine Progress

Over the past year, the Computing Science and Design, Manufacture and Graphics (DMG) departments have been working on the interdisciplinary project of creating an arcade machine.   The project has come on leaps and bounds in the last few weeks, with the design of the casing completed and Mrs Brown cutting the side panels.   Mr Hawthorn has also been working on converting games to work off the joystick and controls, making some games for the machine and creating a menu screen.   However over the last 3 days of term, alot of visible progress has been made with pupils and staff have worked hard to put the casing of the machine together.

On Monday 27th June, all the wood was measured and cut to size, support batons were glued on the sides of the casing and then screwed down.   The decorative surround for the screen was cut out and filed and sanded.   Brackets for the monitor were also fitted.

On Tuesday 28th June, the casing of the arcade machine was put together ,  the internal shelves for the speakers, keyboard, mouse and PC were built and fitted.     The sound holes were cut into the decorative surround for the screen and the joystick controls were attached to their final position.    The machine was then given 2 coats of Black Silk paint.

On Wednesday 29th June, the monitor and decorative surround were fitted to the machine, a frosted acrylic panel was attached to the top of the machine and backlit with a set of Christmas Tree lights.   The control buttons were fitted and wired up, the computer was connected up and the pupils were able to try some of the games!

There is still a few jobs to complete before the arcade machine is complete, we hope to be able to do this over a couple of Friday afternoons early in the new term.

A big thank you must go to the 6 pupils who have worked hard on building the machine over the last few days.   Also a big thank you to Mrs Brown, who has overseen and provided her expertise for the building of the cabinet.   Also to Mr Currie and Mr Hawthorn, who have helped to put the machine together (yes, they really were let loose on the machinery and allowed to handle paint without any D.I.Y disasters!)   

Photographs of the Arcade Machine can be found in our Image Gallery

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