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Scanners Film Premiere

Scanners Film Premiere

Back in April 2015, a group of pupils from Whitburn Academy took part in the film, ‘Scanners’.   ‘Scanners’, directed by former pupil, Richard Ramchurn, uses Brain-Computer interaction technology to control what the audience see and the final outcome of the film.  

Using specially designed headsets, up to three people can have control of what scenes are shown, effects and sound depending on a number of factors, including how many times they blink or even their levels of concentration.

‘Scanners’ had its debut screening at a film Festival in Liverpool in July and is currently being shown by Richard at many venues and festivals across the country. 

On 29th August, Richard visited the school to show the finished film to the pupils who were involved in filming.     The pupils were excited to see the end result.   As the Brain-Computer interaction technology being used, no two groups saw the film in the same way for example, each group saw scenes take place in a different order, they saw some different scenes that didn’t appear for other groups, different background music in some parts and some scenes had different lighting and colour effects.

Thank you to Richard for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit us.     

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