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S4 Geography Field Trip

S4 Geography Field Trip

S4 Geography pupils recently went on an excursion to Edinburgh to collect data on residential areas and the Central Business District (CBD) of a city.  They completed numerous fieldwork techniques to gather the data and this will then be analysed back in the classroom.  Pupils will now undertake similar studies in Whitburn and will use the results of these to decide their Assignment titles in the coming weeks.  

Pupils developed various skills through doing these activities e.g. their communication skills through asking questionnaires, teamwork in ensuring tasks were completed by deadlines etc.  The pupils efforts were rewarded with a short visit to McDonald's to share experiences and make plans for the next part of the experience including an analysis of changes in Lothian Road.  A visit to McDonald's would not be complete without the odd burger, McFlurry and milkshake of course.  A fun day was had by all.  Now back to the classroom for the hard work to begin as pupils plan their Assignments.  

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