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Naked Teaching Day

Naked Teaching Day

On Friday 30th September, pupils and staff took part in 'Naked Teaching Day'.   Don't worry, they weren't actually naked!   They were taking part in a campaign to raise awareness of children around the world who are attending schools in slums or refugee camps.

The goal of the day was to imagine what it would be like to teach stripped bare of any resources.

For Naked Teaching Day, teachers were asked to put their supplies back in the cupboard, switch off the interactive whiteboard and rely on teaching without worksheets or textbooks.

The day was organised by the UK charity World Wide Education Project, which supports education in developing countries and disaster zones through services such as exporting redundant educational furniture and equipment from the UK for reuse abroad.

The charity suggested some five-minute resource-free teaching strategies, including:
•In pairs, pupils sit facing each other and try to score points based on tennis by coming up with words or ideas on a particular topic. Hesitation or repetition means the opponent gets the points.
•Ask pupils to each choose a fact or word about their topic and then move around repeating the fact to their classmates – each pair of classmates must find a way to link what they have said.

Our photograph shows an S1 class participating in Naked Teaching Day.

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