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S3 Business Day

S3 Business Day

Both S3 Business and Administration classes were recently involved in a Business Day, run in school by Napier University.  This involved them creating their own new product, then going through a full business plan for it, thinking about Marketing and Finance, amongst other things.  We saw some great team work and some great ideas throughout the day – which ended with each team having to present their product and ideas to the others.  The winning teams’ products were multi flavoured crisps (in the one bag – for example, A Scottish Fry up – whereby one crisp was bacon flavoured, another baked bean) and A Protein Shake Bar – where you can go and choose all your own ingredients to go in to your shake from fresh fruits, nuts, milks and protein powders – which come in a specially designed bottle, which is fully recyclable.

All in all the event was a great success and enjoyed by all. We hope to be able to run similar events with Napier University in the future.

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